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Choosing Unique Research Paper Topics: Some Good Ideas

When writing a research paper students often find greater success when they choose to work on unique topics that are interesting to both the reader and the writer. Generally speaking, one’s enthusiasm towards a specific topic comes through in the writing and usually compels the reader to keep reading through the end. This is easier said than done. And sometimes the creativity needed to come up with a unique topic doesn’t come quickly. Here are some good ideas to consider:

  1. How will space exploration affect the need for technologies in the future? Consider how humans are just a few years away from sending a manned mission to Mars.
  2. Discuss the events and beliefs that led up to the Salem witch trials. The trials marked a period of heightened fear and hysteria, but were there historical factors that could have predicted what would occur?
  3. How do bullet proof technologies affect the way new weapons are designed? Soldiers and law enforcement continue to have new technologies for protection, but weapons and ammunition also advance just as quickly.
  4. How did Alexander the great expand his empire throughout parts of Asia, Africa and Europe? Arguably one of the greatest rulers of all time, how did Alexander succeed in creating and expanding one of the greatest empires of all time?
  5. Which of today’s Olympic events were practiced in Ancient Greece? Consider how each of those events have evolved into what we know them as today.
  6. What hidden dangers exist in common insect repellents? If there are chemicals that can be harmful to humans why are these products still sold?
  7. How did railroads and trains affect the way America developed in the 19th century? If other forms of travel had been available in that time would cities and states look tremendously different than they look today?
  8. In what ways did the long bow affect the way the English held their military dominance? Without this military technology would the English have had such a hold on its empire?
  9. What affect has the stock market crash of 2008 had on today’s global economy? Have countries been able to recover as quickly as predicted or are there markets that are still in the danger zone?
  10. How has the internet and digital downloading affected the music industry? Consider how many music labels now release artists’ music with the intention of it being primarily available via download?

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