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Research Paper Topics On Business Management: 12 Ideas To Consider

Are you a business student or are you taking up a course in business management and you are in need of some useful topics that can help you write one of the best papers ever? Well, in the event that you ever find yourself in such a situation, you need not worry because herein we will discuss some simple ideas that you can use for this task.

While you are going through these titles, it is important for you to try and have a look at the structure of the topics, so that you can learn a thing or two about how to come up with some of the best titles so far, which will further make it easier for you to write not just a good paper, but also to organize yourself and bring forth a suitable argument for the same.

  1. Discuss how factory farms can be better managed for efficiency, with a view to improving productivity while keeping employees happy
  2. Explain some of the challenges that management faces with diversification
  3. Discuss the challenges facing entrepreneurs with the onset of ecommerce
  4. Discuss entry strategies that can be used to venture into the international markets by a small firm
  5. Explain how managers in less developed countries compete with their counterparts in major headquarters to deliver results
  6. Discuss how the fashion industry has had an influence on business management
  7. Explain forecasting techniques that you would use as a manager to shore your business from financial turmoil
  8. Discuss the effects that a sudden shift in the forex rates will have on small businesses, with an inference on the two major world currencies
  9. Put forward a strong argument for franchising of a local business, and showcase from a CSR point of view, how this would benefit the locals
  10. Explain how finding in non-governmental organizations is done, and how checks and balances are put in place
  11. As a manager, discuss the glass ceiling that exists in the industry, with an inference to the wage gap between men and women
  12. Discuss how a global food crisis trickles down to other industries that are not directly associated with the food industry

Once you have these topics, you should then proceed to do some good research, so that when it’s all said and done, you will have a very good paper to present.

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