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How To Write A Strong Research Paper On Television Violence: A Quick Guide

Research papers are an important part of a student’s academic career. You cannot complete your higher-level studies or receive your graduate degree if you have not written even a single research paper in your college or university. If you were in higher-level grades, then you would understand the significance of these papers in your overall grades. Students, who are new to such assignments, do not know much about the format, structure, style, approach and significance of these papers. They might confuse it with an ordinary essay assignment that they did in school

Unlike essays, research papers require the students to perform extensive research, think critically and evaluate information they include in the paper. If you are to write a research assignment on television violence, then you have a good start. The topic of your paper is interesting and you can build a great paper out of it. Here are some tips and tricks that you can use in completing a strong paper on television violence. If you do not understand the process for writing a great research or term paper, then you should look at the following steps

  1. Understand your subject
  2. The first thing you need to do is develop an understanding of the subject you are talking about. You need to perform a quick literature review of television violence related papers and see their strengths and weaknesses

  3. Find your voice of writing
  4. Do not copy anyone, focus on the subject for yourself, and find your own voice. What do you think of television violence? What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you read this subject? What are you most interested in talking about? This will add a sense of originality to your paper else then following others

  5. Develop a sound thesis statement
  6. This needs to be clear and concise so that a reader can understand by looking at this statement that what your paper is about

  7. Gather data to prove your point
  8. Never use old data or general assumptions in a research paper. Find authenticated and valid data to prove your point

  9. Organize your data in a proper order

  10. Draw a structure or road map for your paper

  11. Write the body of your assignment

  12. Write introduction, conclusion and abstract in the end

  13. Add citations

  14. Edit and proofread your paper

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