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How To Find A Research Paper Introduction Paragraph Example

Writing a research paper is always a very difficult task because it requires a lot of planning and thinking before you can actually get words down on paper! That is precisely why many students don’t get a good grade for their research paper – they lack the planning stage! But nonetheless, all the planning is not useful unless you can actually put quality content in and you must be able to impress your readers with the first paragraph or simply known as your introduction paragraph. It would be a good idea for you to search for some examples so that you have a general idea of what to put in it. Here are some of the places that I would recommend you to start from:


The library is full of all sorts of resources! It doesn’t matter what subject you are doing your research paper on – all you have to do it just go to the library, go to the relevant sections and look for articles or books! It’s not too difficult, is it? Bear in mind that the library is home to so many smart students as well – if necessary, you can even ask for their help.

Starting a little discussion group is certainly helpful when it comes to writing your research paper. You will never get enough ideas so you should always be looking for different ideas as well. That would help with writing your introduction paragraph.

Internet search

If anything, the Internet would prove to be one of the most useful sources of examples as well. You can basically find anything you need here. That means if you are looking for your research paper introduction paragraph, I guarantee you that you can find it. You need to however, be wary of what you find on the Internet. As you know, everyone and anyone can post on the websites. People with malicious intent could deliberately post false information and you could be tricked! That’s why you must remain vigilant all the time and just use your critical thinking skills to analyse the different examples that you find on the Internet.

As long as the examples seem to be reasonable, you can use them for reference. But remember, you should never ever plagiarise! It is very bad practice and you could get penalised for that and it is not worth it!

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