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How To Make A Term Paper Cover Page In The APA Format

The American Psychological Association or APA has very specific guidelines on how to write a paper in the APA format. These guidelines extend to everything from the title page to the last page of the paper with the citations. Below, we will show you how to create a Title or Cover Page by describing the various sections to be included.

  1. The Page Header
  2. The header comes at the very top of your title page. It has the following two elements.

    • - The Running Head
    • The title of your paper should be included in the header and should be flushed left. The title should be preceded by the phrase “Running Head”. Keep in mind that you will be inserting a shortened title here. Your running head should look like this:

      Running Head: TITLE OF YOUR TERM PAPER

      The phrase “Running Head” is unique to your cover page. All other pages will carry only the shortened title in the header and it will be flushed left.

    • - The Page Number
    • The page number should be inserted in the header and should be flushed right.

    Your complete header should look like this:


  3. The Title
  4. The title of your paper should be centered in the upper half of your cover page. This should be typed in upper and lower case letters. The title can take up one or two lines; however, APA guidelines suggest that it should be made up of 12 words or less. In other words, the title should not be too wordy and must not contain abbreviations. Remember that the title is the main thing that any reader will see when they pick up your paper to read. It has an instrumental role to play in whether the reader will remain interested in reading further and so it is very important to have an informative and relevant title. Like everything else in your paper, your title must be double spaced.

  5. Author’s Name
  6. The author’s name should be inserted right below the title. Like the title, it should also be centered. The format to be used should be First name, Middle Initials, and Last name (surname). One thing that should definitely not be used is a title such as MD. or Dr.

  7. Name of the Institution
  8. The name of your college or school will be included right below the author’s name and will show where you study or carried out your research. This will be centered and double spaced.

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