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Economics Research Paper Topics: 25 Ideas For Students

Research paper topics in economics can be derived from a number of study fields, from financial regulation to income theories. Knowing that you can select a topic from a wide range of fields helps to get a topic from an area that interests you most, and which is easy to deal with. Economics issues cuts across social, geographical, and political fields.

If you want to succeed in this type of writing, it is advisable to devote a few hours each day towards the exercise. Many writers also make a list of things that must be accomplished on each day, effectively and slowly reducing the whole amount of work to deal with. Making daily progress can be helpful, especially for those lowly motivated to write research papers. Here are a number of ideas for economic topics you might consider: The questions will guide you in drafting acceptable economics paper topics.

  1. What are the effects of tariffs on the economy? In writing this type of research paper, you not only give the facts about the impacts, but also do you discuss theories of tariffs. Remember, one of the purposes of research papers is to identify findings by other researchers in a given area.

  2. What are the costs and benefits of gun registry?

  3. What are the economic consequences of residential dumping? In this case, you may be required to provide an analysis of demand shocks.

  4. What is the economic future of Iran?

  5. How do the economic situation of China and United States compare?

  6. What are the economic consequences of the Iraq war on America?

  7. How do you compare Microsoft to Antitrust from an economic perspective?

  8. Can you support legalization of insider trading?

  9. What are the economic advantages and challenges of e-commerce? This would be a major concern for many modern business firms given many are running to adopt e-commerce models. Remember selecting a topic from areas of greater interest would improve reader commitment.

  10. How does Microsoft compare to or differ from Apple as leaders in electronics world?

  11. Why is China turning out to be a dominant world economy?

  12. What are the challenges and benefits of temporary work force?

  13. What are the effects of electronic money transfer systems to global economies? One could consider analyzing a few case studies. For instance, one can pick dominant countries where electronic money transfer is widely spoken of and studied.

  14. What are the impacts of automobile safety regulations?

  15. Can franchising be considered a viable method of extending market coverage?

  16. Did the European Monetary Union lead to change of economy? In this case study, you could research on the benefits and disadvantages that have been talked about.

  17. . Considering the economics issues of healthcare system in the United States. Is it still worth investing?

  18. What are the challenges and breakthroughs of the Banking System in Pakistan? This also comes out as a good case study. You could consider literature on successful banking system around the world and see how they compare with that of Pakistan.

  19. Is it advisable for individuals to purchase life insurance?

  20. What are the major lessons of the Great Depression? You could think of what it is, its causes and effects before answering the question.

  21. Would a cashless economy be better?

  22. What are the economic benefits and challenges of going green?

  23. Is privatization still a viable method of revamping public organizations?

  24. Do non-profit organizations carry any benefits to countries they operate in?

  25. How do banking systems in developed countries compare and contrast with those of the developing economies?

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