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Composing A Research Paper About Nutrition In Five Simple Steps

Research papers are an ordinary part of the life of a student in higher levels of learning. As such, it is important to identify a simpler way of getting the work done. There are five steps that are proven to produce an excellent research paper in the shortest time.

  1. Identify an Idea
  2. An idea is different from a topic. An idea is a general area of interest for your study. Nutrition captures many other areas including pediatric diet, nutrition for athletes, feeding expectant women, etc. You must first identify a specific area with a bias towards your passion. Consider units you will be studying during the semester or term since they provide a scope for your course.

  3. Read Widely
  4. A strong research paper in nutrition must be supported by facts. These facts can only be obtained through extensive reading. The materials you will require are available from the library, recommended reading list, online, or from your tutor. Ensure that these materials are current and retrieved from credible academic sources.

  5. Develop an Outline
  6. An outline for a research paper indicates the information that will go into the introduction, body and conclusion. There are topics and subtopics in each section as well as figures and diagrams. Identify the books that will be used during literature review and where possible gather these books or be assured of their availability when you need them. Make page references to simplify the process of retrieving the information.

  7. Writing the Research Paper on Nutrition

    • The Body- Though the introduction appears first on all papers it does not have to be written first. Beginning with the body allows you to give weight to your main points. Ensure that there are enough and strong explanations for your ideas.

    • Conclusion- The body is followed by a conclusion that summarizes the entire research. It must tie down all arguments, dispel any doubt and make a principled statement on the proposed thesis. No new information is introduced at the conclusion.

    • Introduction- an introduction gives an overview of what is contained in the research paper. It is therefore easier to construct after writing the entire paper since you know what is actually contained. Do not repeat phrases that may have been used in the introduction.

  8. Edit and Proof Read
  9. A brilliant research paper about nutrition will be weakened by poor sentence structure, grammar and typographical errors. Request a colleague or friend to assist you with editing. Completing the work early gives you enough time for revision before submitting.

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