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10 Unexpected Ideas For High School Research PapersĀ 

Are you worried because you need to compose a winning research paper for your high school? Do you want to impress your teachers with fresh and unexpected ideas? Do you want to write about something your peers do not have in mind? Do you think it is hard to choose one topic when you have many ideas in your mind? Do you think it will be easier if you had example topics to see the structure and format of one? Do you want to win over the rest of the class by writing an effective research paper? Do you know the requirements of composing a great topic?

All these questions and many others have answers in example topics. Below are unique and unexpected topics that you can choose for your research paper and impress your teachers

  1. Do movies have a great influence on the way teenagers think and act
  2. Why is marriage an important social factor for people to love and live together
  3. What are the conflicts between different political parties regarding the standard of living
  4. What will be the effect of inflation on banking policies, interest rates and loans
  5. What is paper money and how is better or worse than other type of currency
  6. Will robots ever take over the human brain as shown in various movies
  7. Is it logical enough to believe in supernatural existence or life on mars?
  8. Why do people have racial and religious hatred even when they are educated
  9. What is the best way to increase productivity while staying in your comfort zone
  10. The possible relationship between divorce rates and financial crisis

If you look at the above topics, you will find each of them unique and on a different subject. You can choose one to suit the nature of your research paper. Remember that these topics are accessible a million of students and they can use them as their own research paper topic.

If you like, any of these topics then you should run it through a plagiarism checker before using it as the topic of your assignment. In case there is a plagiarism and the topic already exists somewhere else, then you need to alter it or rephrase it to create your own. These topics are merely examples to give you an idea of how your topic should look like

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